Tips For Designing An Awesome Shirt

Tips For Designing An Awesome Shirt

Clothing isn’t just about covering your body to be protected from the elements. When you wear something, you are telling the world a little about yourself. If you want to have the right message for your custom T-shirt, you have to take the time to create something with meaning. When it come to designing a t-shirt for you business, school, sports team, event, or organization, follow these great design tips.

Stand Out with Color Schemes

While some people might be comfortable with a basic color, the importance of contrasting colors can’t be overstated. It’s not just about the colors of the shirt and the design on it, it’s also about the use of color compared to the current trends in society. By choosing a color that isn’t as common or popular currently, you all but guarantee you will be able to stand out instantly in a crowd. After all, if you are trying to make a statement with your custom T-shirt, then you need your message to be heard and you need people to be attracted to you and your design in the first place.

Create Multiple Versions

Just because you have an initial vision, it doesn’t mean that the vision can’t be refined and improved. Sharing your idea with others for collaboration might mean the difference between a good T-shirt and a full-blown trend. When it comes to getting something you can wear and be proud of, it’s more important to be right than first. By having multiple versions, sizes, placements, and general trial and error, you have a much better shot of creating something unique that will be the talk of the town.


Sometimes details can be great. People love details that are put into works of art, after all, and you can’t discount art even if it is on a T-shirt. That said, less may in fact be more. People’s eyes are going to catch the T-shirt for a split-second and perhaps no longer, so it makes sense to keep things simple. A minimalist approach can still accomplish your goal, so long as you have a simple logo or design with the correct colors, but maybe you don’t need more than that for your specific message.

Pop Culture and Humor Sell

People like to see things that they relate to, but it’s important to put some creativity into something or else you aren’t making a statement, you’re just making a copy. If you can add in something that is already known and familiar to something brand new, you have a much better chance of sparking an instant connection in the viewer’s mind. With the styling expertise of a top T-shirt design company, you truly can make a statement that is instantly accepted and will ensure people wanting to know more as well as wearing it often.

Using a Quality Printer

Finally, if you’re going to go through all of this effort and energy just so you can create a masterpiece of a T-shirt, you have to work a top quality printer! By putting your design into the hands of someone who is inexperienced and unsure of how to use the best industry standards for T-shirt printing, you could wind up with something far less than stellar. The professionals at TeamLine can help you create a T-shirt with a striking message that gets noticed. Visit us online at